Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Demo Reel

Finally, I present to you a demo reel of my film and video work.

It features clips from Mettle in the Storm, Hat Tricks, Balls!, The Warehouse, The Box, The Switch, The Walk, The Exchange, Climbing Up The Walls, The Grass Is Greener, Scream, Chips, and performances by The David Bowie Cover Band, Mattwell Murder (Rancid Cover Band), The Funny Guys, Alex Christie, and Lionface.

Comments are, as always, welcome.


Alexander J said...

really well put together hombre. I'm pleasantly thrilled by how well the band performances were captured; how many cameras did you use for the Bowie cover band?

Ben Baker-Smith said...

thanks al. 3 cameras for the bowie band. nick hoskins and jason outenreath were the other shooters (though jason may have been a little more drunk than he should've been).

Anonymous said...

real good shit. i particularly enjoyed the pool balls in noah basement stop-motion shit, and the buildings superimposed on the blowing leaves right after.

nice work, sir.