Tuesday, February 10, 2009

35mm Pinhole Photographs

As promised, here are some shots from my latest venture into the realm of pinhole photography. This time they were taken on a new creation of mine, a 35mm pinhole camera made from a plastic (toy) imitation SLR that I found in a thrift store here in Chicago. I think it was $4. Anyway, it allows me to shoot rolls of 35mm film using a pinhole.

I got the negatives put on a CD at Walgreens this time, probably not gonna do that again though as there's a line across one set of negatives that definitely was from the Walgreens machine, and I get enough artifacts using the pinhole as it is without adding unwanted digital noise.

Regardless, that line isn't on the pictures displayed below, so enjoy. More to come.

Here's the camera that took them.


will said...

thats sick. i've been wanting to do some cool shit with pinholes. jeremy and i were the only ones in school who actually liked making pinhole camera.

will said...

only two*

(sorry for the fakeout two comments)