Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mattwell Murder (Rancid cover band)

This is Mattwell Murder, a Rancid cover band, performing at Keep Co-op on the Oberlin College campus.

Part 1

Part 2


Alexander J said...

Does anyone make original music at Oberlin anymore? Fucking christ's sake, talk about a regression to our fucking early adolescence...

Alexander J said...

Wow, I sound like a crotchety old man; why should I care, I already graduated...but you must reap what you sow drunk band...

Alexander J said...

also, that bass player sucks.

Ben Baker-Smith said...

no, there is no original music at oberlin anymore. here's the list of cover bands i can think of:
david bowie
prince (two of them)
beach boys
michael jackson
grateful dead
my bloody valentine

i think that the sauce and lionface are the only solid original groups i know of.

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